Come along to WDCC

We welcome both experienced paddlers and beginners at the club. Experienced paddlers (e.g. Bristish Canoeing 1 Star and above) are welcome to turn up at a Sunday morning session. Ask at the club house and a member will show you round and get you started.

As we are not a training centre and all our coaches are volunteers, we have limited coaching facilities. Those with little or no experience who wish to join please come along to one of our monthly taster sessions. We run them at 10am on the second Sunday of the month on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of participants we can accept each month is dependent on the availability of our volunteer coaches. Keep an eye on the "Taster Session" events in the club calendar for cancellations and updates.

Non-members are required to pay £5 for each session for insurance purposes. This charge is covered by membership costs once you join.

Check the Calendar

My First Time

The Canoe Club's main activities are based on the River Itchen outside and near the clubhouse. The water is safe for beginners and suitable for everyone nearly all year round. We have a range of boats available for use.

You probably won't fall in on your first go, but canoes and kayaks are damp places, so bring some dry clothes and a towel. There are changing rooms in the clubhouse.

Plimsolls, deck-shoes, beach shoes, wetsuit boots or neoprene socks are ideal footwear, huge trainers with loose laces are not, neither are wellington boots. Tracksuit bottoms, ski trousers or shorts are great, jeans skirts and dresses are not. During the cooler months thermals or thin jumpers or fleeces are great, thick jumpers that absorb water are not. We will provide buoyancy aids which are compulsory for all paddlers.