Membership Costs

Please find our latest membership costs detailed below.

Membership is up for renewal every April. If you are renewing your membership please select the cost from the “Renewal (full year)” column according to the type of membership you are renewing.

If you are applying to join as a new member please select the cost from one of the “New Membership” columns, choose the appropriate cost depending on the date your membership starts and the type of membership you are applying for. All memberships run until April.

Please note that the new membership cost includes the one off joining fee of £30 for family membership and £20 for all other types.

If space is available, you can pay to store your boat in the clubhouse.

Membership Type Renewal (full year) New Membership (full year) New Membership (after Sept) New Membership (after Dec)
direct family only
£65 £95 £63 £47
one adult
£35 £55 £38 £29
under 18
£30 £50 £35 £28
in full time education
£30 £50 £35 £28
Boat storage
per boat
£15 £15 £8 £4