Junior Code of Conduct

All junior club members are asked to abide by the following rules at all times:

  1. Always sign in the log book when attending the club
  2. To be on time for training sessions and participating events or inform your coach if you know you are going to be late.
  3. Co-operate with and respect all requests and decisions made by the coaches, helpers, officials and administrators.
  4. Control your temper and avoid behaviour which may inconvenience or upset others.
  5. Be considerate and respectful to other paddlers and water users. Treat other paddlers as you would want to be treated yourself.
  6. Wear suitable clothing and kit for paddling as agreed with your coach.
  7. Take care of all property belonging to the club or other club members.
    • Replace all paddles in rack after use
    • Empty boats of water and put away
    • Zip buoyancy aids and hang up and hang spray-decks.
    • If you need help with boats ASK. Don't leave them by the river.
    • Be responsible for caring for your own clothing and equipment.
  8. Do not leave sessions without the permission of the coach or leader.
  9. Junior members are not allowed to smoke, consume alcohol or drugs of any kind whilst on the club premises or whilst representing the club at any events.
  10. Never paddle alone. No matter how well you think you can paddle. Abide by the club rule of paddling in groups of 3 or more for safety reasons.
  11. Respect all wildlife i.e. swans, ducks and fish etc. and do not disturb it in any way, shape or form. Follow the canoeist's code.
  12. Respect the environment and riverbank. Seal launching from any part of the riverbank is forbidden under the rules of the club. If you see anyone undertaking seal launches please tell a coach or helper. Seal launching can lead to erosion. Follow the canoeist's code.
  13. If you have a problem that you feel conflicts with the rules, tell an appropriate adult i.e. a coach or helper and they will try and resolve it for you.

Junior members are encouraged to take an active interest in all disciplines of paddling that the club offers. However, no-one will be made to participate in any activity they are not comfortable with.