Club COVID-19 Rules

Due to the second lockdown, the Club Committee has closed the club house until further notice. British Canoeing have confirmed that canoeing is permitted during lockdown, for details see the British Canoeing COVID guidance below:


"...recreational paddling is permitted within the government measures so long as you are:

  •    on your own
  •    with the people you live with (your household)
  •    your support bubble
  •    on your own and with one person from another household – this could be a coach for 1:1 coaching


Children under the age of five, as well as disabled people dependent on care, are not counted towards the limit on two people meeting outside.


Outdoor exercise limits - There is no limit on the amount of time spent exercising outdoors, or the amount of times per day you can exercise outdoors.


Travel - You can still travel to exercise outdoors, but where possible we would strongly advise paddlers to paddle locally.


Coaching - 1:1 coaching/personal training sessions can take place in a public outdoor space, so long as social distancing is maintained.


A thorough risk assessment for all activity and appropriate safety frameworks should be in place. Any coaching of under 18s and adults at risk on a 1:1 basis should be avoided. Coaches are reminded of the principles of British Canoeing’s safeguarding policy."


Please keep an eye on Facebook for updates.

If you have a club boat please keep hold of it until the lockdown finishes. If this will cause you difficulties, please let a member of the committee know.

Last Updated 7 November 2020