Brand Guidelines


Our name is Winchester and District Canoe Club. Note the use of the full word 'and', not an ampersand (&) and the capitalisation of the first letter of each word excluding 'and'.

Winchester Canoe Club may be used where space is at a premium or after an initial usage of the full name within the same document.

The use of 'WDCC' should be avoided except where space is extremely limited and/or its usage is clear. Using acronyms can be confusing and off-putting to potential members. This only applies to public-facing content; WDCC can be used internally and informally.

Our username on social media should be 'winchcanoe' (all lower case) if available. Otherwise 'winchestercanoeclub' is also acceptable.


The logo should always be scaled with locked aspect ratio/keeping proportions. Instructions for Microsoft Word are available. You should never scale the image by eye, it should be 100% square.

Please keep a margin all the way around the logo of the same width as the W in WDCC.

You can download the following logos:

Original logo - Use in most cases.

SVG (ideal), PNG

Inverted logo - Useful for printing to save ink.

SVG (ideal), PNG

Circle avatar - Used only on social media where the avatar is sometimes shown as a circle.



The font to use in all club material is Lato. This is an open source font and is available in Google Docs, available to download for use on your own computer and can be used on Google Fonts for websites.

If Lato cannot be used, any of the following fonts may be used in place: Oxygen, Lucida Grande, Calibri.

Headings may be in all-capitals, other text should use title or regular case.

The serif/logo font should never be used except in the logo.


The brand colours are:





Titles and graphics may use these colours but the main body of text should avoid using these.

Instead text, especially on screen, should ideally be set to #1e1e1e but in printed media pure black is acceptable.